CALCULATE your BMR AT GASTRIBALL: your way to lose weight!

At Gastriball, we offer calculation of your BMR (your basal metabolic rate).

Send an email to or call us at +45 39640125, if you are interested in having your BMR measured – then we can arrange a date. Measurement of your BMR costs DKK 1,000, but for patients who already have a course with us, the examination costs DKK 500.

Here you can read about what your BMR is exactly, as well as why an accurate calculation of your BMR is crucial for a successful weight loss.

What is BMR?

BMR (basal metabolic rate) means basal metabolism and is a term for the amount of calories your body burns during the day on it’s own – without you doing anything.


In order for you to lose weight, it is important that you know your basal metabolic rate. The accurate measurement of your basal metabolic rate helps you to plan an effective weight loss plan based on your individual caloric needs.

Some of those who suffer from obesity notice that dietary changes and exercise do not provide the expected weight loss. If you are aware of this problem, it will be relevant for you to have your BMR calculated, as this can help to streamline your weight loss and set in motion the positive development that has not occurred so far.

The importance of accurate measurement

It is important that your BMR calculation is completely accurate. There are a large number of different BMR calculators on the web, where you have to enter your gender, weight and age to then be told what your BMR is. These calculators are very inaccurate and do not always provide a useful answer as to what your BMR actually is.

Many different factors determine your BMR, such as gender, age, weight, body composition (muscle mass, fat mass, etc.) and genes (hereditary factors). Without including these factors in the measurement of your BMR, the measurement becomes very inaccurate, which is why you do not get anything out of using the BMR calculators you find online.

If you need to have your BMR measured, you should have an examination done at a clinic that specializes in doing so.


At Gastriball we can make a completely accurate calculation of your BMR. We use advanced equipment that provides an accurate and professional measurement of your basal metabolism.

We perform the calculation via indirect calorimetry, which is a measurement based on the oxygen uptake rate. The rate of oxygen uptake can be determined by making a measurement of the patient’s exhaled air and comparing this value with the inhaled air. Degradation of carbohydrates, fats and protein gives rise to an energy release in the body, which is almost identical to the amount of oxygen consumed by the metabolism.

We can therefore measure the oxygen uptake rate, which will be directly proportional to the energy development / amount of calories consumed. The measurement is performed under completely standardized conditions to ensure a correct result.


Overall, the study consists of two phases:



8 hours fasting (food, beverages and smoking). Ordinary water is allowed. Ordinary medicine can be taken. However, sedative / relaxing medication should only be taken before the examination if it has been taken daily for more than a month.

It is an advantage to arrive rested. No exercise for 24 hours before the study


The investigation

1. You can sit or lie down during the examination.
2. The nose is clamped with nose clips.
3. Breathing takes place through the mouthpiece.
4. The study takes approx. 10 minutes.
5. You get the results right away.

Once the brief examination has been completed, the dietician will review it with you,
and there you will also receive individual dietary advice.

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